Selling on the Bosch Farms Making them Right Sale.

We have three calves selling on the Bosch Farms sale November 30th.
Check out the full sale site at:

BHAT Clark Griswold 926G – Sold

This is one cool Limi steer! 75% so he can show anywhere in the nation and out of the new 50% Majority Rules bull. If you want to compete he is your calf.

BHAT Grainbelt 942G

Homo Black by pedigree and out of some of the most predictable genetics. His mother is a 13 year old cow that just cranks out calf after calf. Add some predictability to your calf crop.

BHAT Gingerbred 984G – Sold

Gingerbread’s mother is a maternal sib to Grainbelt. The VL Tequilla Sunrise cow is a good one to add to your program and here is your chance. Gingerbread is out of the new Doc Holiday bull. You will like her muscle and maternal punch.